Mobile Font: Johanna Font TTF, ITZ and APK Format

Mobile Font: Johanna Font TTF, ITZ, and APK Format

This font name is Johanna Font which in TTF, ITZ and APK Format. You want to try this font? then what are you waiting for download it here on the link below. Keep posted for our free fonts and themes shared on our post. You may also share the links in your Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites.

Changing Font using iMod Pro Application (Latest Tutorial).
How to change Font from updated Themestore using iMod Pro

General Requirements:

  • iMod Apps 1.2.7 or latest. 
  • Updated Themestore 6.4.2. 
  • Your Font .ttf or .otf Font. 
  • Make sure your patchlist is updated

Step 1: Download and Install iMod Pro Application. ( Download Here )

Step 2: Download .TTF or .OTF Font on our site (Download here) or in other sites.

Step 3: Open iMod ProUpdate your patchlist (one-time update only). Go settings besides of play button on iMod Pro Application ➜ Click Patch Updates.

Step 4: Clear data and cache of Themestore.

Step 5: Open iMod Pro Apps ➜ locate the ColosOS Folder then Delete it.

Step 6: Locate the font you've downloaded or you want to apply. Long press the font ➜ click patch and select the Font- Furious Patch.

Step 7: Go to ThemestoreFontSearch Furious FontClick DownloadClick Apply. Done you change your font successfully.
How to Apply TTF Font using zFont Application.
How to Apply TTF Font using zFont Application

In order to make this tutorial work you need to download the following application including the following:

STEP 1: Download zFont Application, then install ( you may download it on Google Playstore or (Download Here.) 

STEP 2: Download the font you want to apply or you may check it here.(Download Here

STEP 3: Open the zFont Application it will prompt to allow the access on phone storage of your smartphone. Just click Allow to proceed. 

STEP 4: On the menu of the application select the Local Tab. 

STEP 5: Click the Aa Folder found at the lower right of your screen. 

STEP 6: Browse the font where your font is located. 

STEP 7: Select the Font you wish to install on your smartphone, then click OK. 

STEP 8: Click the Set Button. 

STEP 9: Select Oppo and Realme on the Changing Mode Option. 

STEP 10: A prompt will show asking if you want to install the font. Click the Install

STEP 11: A prompt will show again saying the font need to install first. Just click Ok. 

STEP 12: zFont security will pop up for the first time installation only. Click Settings then enable allow apps from this source then Install the Font. 

STEP 13: Click Change Font ➜ Go to SettingsLanguage & RegionChange Region from the Philippines to MYANMAR

STEP 14: Go to SettingsDisplay & BrightnessEnable Support Dai Characters and the font will be applied.

How to Apply TTF Font using Zawgyi Tai Font and APK Editor Application

How to Apply TTF Font using Zawgyi Tai Font and APK Editor Application

For this tutorial of changing the font, you need the following application and follow these steps carefully.

STEP 1: Download and Install the Zawgyi Tai Font (Download Here).

STEP 2: Go to SettingsLanguage & RegionChange Region to Myanmar.

STEP 3: Download and Install APK EDITOR (Download Here).

STEP 4: Download any .TTF Font from our site (Download Here) or you may search on google. (Remember the location of your downloaded font for the next steps.)

STEP 5: Open APK EDITOR Application ➜ Select APK from App ➜ Find the Zawgyi Tai Font(iFont)Click Simple Edit (File Replacement).

STEP 6: Select Folder assetsSelect the .ttf FontEdit ➜ Browse the Font you downloaded or wish to apply.

STEP 7: Click RemoveClick Install ➜ Install the Font then close after you have done.

STEP 8: Go to SettingsDisplay & BrightnessEnable Support Dai Characters and the font will be applied.
How to Apply TTF Font using Ifont Donate and Agent Application

How to Apply TTF Font using Ifont Donate and Agent Application

For this old tutorial of changing font we need the following application below:

STEP 1: Download and Install IFONT DONATE (Download Here) and AGENT APPLICATION (Download Here).


STEP 3: For .TTF Font tap ➜ CLICK THIS (font in red color).

STEP 4: Browse the location of your downloaded font. Maybe location is in DOWNLOAD FOLDER. Select the font you want to apply.

STEP 5: Click the SET button in the middle of your smartphone screen.

STEP 6: A pop-up notification will show for first-time use. Just Click the SKIP button.

STEP 7: Another notification will show for SETTING FONT, just click OK.

STEP 8: Install the Font, Click the INSTALL button and wait until it finishes the installation. Click Done after installed, then close the Ifont Donate Application.

STEP 9: Open the AGENT APPLICATION then click INSTALL to install HIFONT and wait until finished the installation then close. (one-time installation only).

STEP 10: Open the AGENT APPLICATION tap ➜ TO USE IT then it will go to the list of installed fonts on your Phone

STEP 11: Locate the font you want to apply then tap APPLY to apply the font. You've done you successfully change your font easily.
How To Apply itz Font on Vivo Smarthpone?
How To Apply itz Font on Vivo Smarthpone? 

First, you need some additional material to be able to replace and install the itz theme on your Vivo smartphone, including:

STEP 1: Download the iTheme 4.0 application, then install (Download here)

STEP 2: Download the Fonts .itz that you want to use, you can choose and download the font that has the format .itz as you wish (Download here)

STEP 3: Download ES File Explorer, then install (you can download it on Google PlayStore, or (Download here

STEP 4: OPEN ES File Explorer 

STEP 5: Click the three (3) bars in upper left corner and scroll until you see the "Show hidden files" and turn it on. 

STEP 6: Go to your downloaded Font and copy/cut it.

STEP 7: Go to Internal Storage /.dwd/b/b/k/t/h/e/m/e/F ; click folder until you see the three (3) folders then click "F" folder and paste your font itz.

STEP 8: Go to iTheme - Click Local Fonts - and click the first Font (other Fonts don't have a preview) and apply.

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Credit Font:  to MJ Premade & Custom Fonts