Oppo Theme: Oppo A3s RealIOS 13 Theme

This theme name is Real IOS 13 Theme which owned by someone. This theme is not mine, I just want to share only this to our Co-Oppo user who really loves themes. Please give credit to the real owner of this themes.

This theme is applicable only for:
Oppo A3s Phone
Do not try to other phone to prevent any error on your mobile devices. 

Oppo Theme: Oppo A3s Real IOS 13 Theme 

How to apply and make permanent theme in Oppo A3s. 

Note: Please follow this steps carefully for you to make your theme apply on your phone permanently. 

Step 1: Download the theme first at the end of this post. Click Me 

Step 2: Clear data and then Force stop theme store. (Setting > App Management > Show System Processes > Theme Store > Storage Use “Clear Data then Force Stop”).

Step 3: Open File Manager > Phone Storage > All Files > Downloads (Look for the theme you download then click and apply.)

Step 4: Wait to pop up the 5 minutes trial, then click the buy now then click back.( 5 Minutes trial will show after 5 minutes so be patience.)

Step 5: After that clear theme store at recent apps then open theme store 3 times (3x) every time you open the theme store clear it on recent apps.

Step 6: Open themes store (Go to [Me] Then [Settings] Then clear cache then close then remove it from recent apps.

Step 7: Last long press power button to shutdown (Wait 15 seconds before you open again your phone).

Step 8: Then observe if still the BUY NOW will pop up, if not then you are successful making your theme permanent.

Download link here below:
Download Link Real IOS 13 Theme
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