Oppo Theme: Oppo Melody Heart Theme

This theme name is Melody Heart Theme which owned by someone. This theme is not mine, I just want to share only this to our Co-Oppo user who really loves themes. Please give credit to the real owner of this themes. 

This theme is applicable for:
Oppo F1s Lollipop Oppo A37 Version
Don’t try to other phone to prevent error.

Oppo Theme: Oppo Melody Heart Theme

How to download Oppo Melody Heart Theme?

You may download this theme on the link provided at the end of this post below. Choose the link prefer to your phone model. Once you click the link it will prompt to save the files, click the save button to download the files.

Problem saving or downloading files?

This is for default browser: Go to Setting ➜ App Management ➜ All ➜ Browser ➜ Permissions ➜ Enable Storage. This is for Chrome: Go to Setting ➜ App Management ➜ All ➜ Chrome ➜ Permissions ➜ Enable Storage.

How to Apply Melody Heart Theme?

Locate the theme you downloaded, the location of the downloaded file is at Files ➜ All Files ➜ Download. Tap the theme and click the apply button to apply the theme.

For the overview of the theme you may look for this images below. Enjoy browsing to Oppo Melody Heart Theme.
Oppo Theme: Oppo Melody Heart Theme

Oppo Theme: Oppo Melody Heart Theme
Download Links Here:
Download Link Oppo F1s | Oppo A37 VersionThank you for browsing this Oppo Hello Melody Heart Theme, if you think this article is helpful do not hesitate to share this article to our Co-Oppo user. Thank you so much. Sharing is giving!