How to View PhilHealth Contribution?

For this article we will teach how to view you PhilHealth Contribution. This is a step by step process with images which will help you to easily understand how you will view your PhilHealth Contribution. Let’s start the process.

1. Open a browser Google Chrome, Mozilla or Internet Explorer any of these browser and type on the URL of the PhilHealth or search it on the google that will redirect you to PhilHealth Website or just simply click on this link

2. Locate for the Member Inquiry on the website. It can be found on the right side of the PhilHealth Website.
v  If you are already a member you didn’t need to register again, just type your PIN (PhilHealth Identification Number) and password on the login form then answer your security question.
v  If you are new Member you need to register first before you view your contribution. Click Register to register as a new member.

3. Fill up all the required field on the registration form then click submit registration after.

4. After you submit the registration form a message will appear that will instruct you to check your email to verify your account.

5.    Login to your Email account and find the email sent by PhilHealth. Check your inbox or Spam messages.

6. Open the email sent by the PhilHealth, you may found your PIN and Password on the message and then click the activation link found on the email.

7. After you activate your account a message will appear that will notify for your successful account activation.

8.  Proceed to Member Inquiry type your PIN (PhilHealth Identification Number) and password sent from your email.

9. Type your Answer on the security question from your previous registration.

10.    After you successfully login, PhilHealth Home will appear.

11. To view your PhilHealth Contribution click on the Premium Contribution. If you wish to change your password may click the Reset password.

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